Exercising improves energy

Exercising and working out in times of Corona. What are the do’s and don’ts and how do you ensure that you exercise enough when you work from home?We answer these questions below.

The importance of exercise

You may already know that exercise is healthy. But did you also know that exercise helps to optimize your immune system? And that you can deal better with stress?

Certainly now when working from home, it sometimes is difficult to get enough exercise. Below you will find a number of practical tips to improve your energy. Pick one or two and get started today!

Fietsen naar je werk de fiets flex dag

Tips for exercising at home

It’s simple and obvious, but it’s also so easy and effective. Additionaly, you can stretch tofeel fully awake again.

In addition to the fact that you are moving more often, you keep the momentum going. Decisions are made faster and you show more non-verbal communication through the active attitude you adopt. Furthermore, it appears that people are more inclined to share ideas with each other when they discuss standing and you are more creative. This way solutions and ideas are devised faster. The walking lunch challenge can help you learn this healthy work habit.

Do not place a trash can nearby. This way you can walk for every trash.

Wear an IWatch, exercise monitor or pedometer that vibrates briefly after prolonged sitting and gives you a signal to move. It defenitely will help you reach your standard of 10,000 steps. It makes moving more fun and you will get motivated faster.

Chances are that the children are also at home. An excellent opportunity to throw a ball with them or to play outside in the garden.

Obviously you have to walk more to fill your cup. Also make sure you get your own drinks. Don’t make your roommates get it for you.

Use the stairs more often! This is a simple way to make some extra steps.

Room for sports

So it is important to keep moving during these times. But what about sports actually. Do we do well to adjust our training or should we change our total workout? Below you can read the most important tips when it comes to sports. What is wise and what isn’t a good idea?

Intensive exercise has negative consequences for the immune system. As a result of a hard workout, your immune system is temporarily reduced. This puts you at greater risk of becoming infected with a virus. It is therefore advisable to finish your workouts at a lower intensity.

It may be less fun, but looking up your sports buddies does not correspond to the guidelines of RIVM. We are advised to avoid social contact as much as possible. Of course, this also applies to sporting events.

Despite the advice to exercise alone, we recommend you to exercise, however virtually or walk in opposite directions, so that you meet halfway. 

Hydration is needed to remove waste products in the body. It is therefore important to drink well during exercising.

It is sometimes difficult to determine whether it is or is not wise to exercise. A small cold does not have to cause problems. Sports are not recommended if you suffer from a fever. You can use the neck check to determine whether or not you can exercise. If you only have complaints above the neck (runny nose, headache, sore throat), you can exercise. If you also have problems under the neck (coughing, back pain, shortness of breath, fever, stiff), then it is smarter not to go.

Doing sports is healthy, but moving is healthier. If, under the circumstances, you are unable to do sports, do not worry too much. It is important for your health that you exercise sufficiently. Take a walk, work in the garden or clean the house. They are – for now – the ideal ways to get your exercise moments.


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