Improving your health!

You probably work hybrid, alternating between your home office and your workspace on location. On this page you will find the most important information about your workspace and health. This way you can work healthy (from home).

A healthy workspace

Do you want to prevent physical complaints? Make sure you maintain a healthy workspace. HelloWorkspace helps you to set up a comfortable workspace and adopt a healthy working posture by means of informative videos.

Do you need assistance? Professional workspace advisors are ready are ready to give you an online workspace consultation!

Relax effectively

Relaxation is necessary to perform optimally, even from home. Therefore, allow yourself periods of rest after an activity. Work and relaxation can be combined well!

For the enthusiasts among us, we have compiled a list of 6 effective relaxation exercises.

Challenges for more happiness

More energy, happiness and a fit body? Then challenge yourself to one of our challenges today!

We periodically launch new challenges. So keep an eye on this page!

Exercising improves energy

We all know that exercise contributes to your health and resistance. It is therefore important that you will keep on moving.

On this page we will explain you how to stay healthy by exercising. We will give you a number of workouts that can be performed at home easily. Furthermore, we shall give you advice about exercising during your working day.

Improve your immune system

With a good resistance, your body is more able to resist pathogenic bacteria and viruses. As a result you will not get sick (so often).

On this page you will find more information about the factors that determine your resistance. For example, a good night sleep plays an important part. A healthy and varied diet also helps to increase your resistance.


Healthy choices, made simple

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