My personal vitality program

The new vitality program for employees of Van Lanschot Kempen will start on January 7, 2019.This program is part of the employment conditions and aims to ensure the right balance and an energetic feeling at work. The vitality program consists of the following components:

Every employee has the option of choosing from one of the components every year.

You can register immediately on this page. Register now and have a chance to win the book “10 healthy working habits” by HC Health coach and physiotherapist Rogier van Hoorn!

Register now and choose the vitality program that suits you best.

The healthy working campaign

More energy changes your day, and your life tomorrow. We believe that you are more energetic with the right movement and relaxation. Ypu get less stress and you will perform and feel better. That is why we bring a new healthy working habit to the attention every month.