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Workplace advice for desktop, laptop and tablet

A comfortable workplace? With the following workplace advice for working with a desktop, laptop and tablet, we will help you get started. 

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Desktop workplace

In this video we would like to give you tips for the correct working posture for a workplace with a desktop computer. We will talk about the settings of your office chair, desktop and screen.

Working on a laptop

With the new way of working, we see that more and more people are working on a laptop from home. This is possible, but quickly causes physical complaints.

Does your workplace consist of a laptop? Then quickly watch this video and set up your workplace!


Workplace advice for tablet

Many employees nowadays use an Ipad. An Ipad is not a replacement for a computer, but an addition to current means of communication, such as a phone or tablet.

In this video we would like to give you some tips for working on a tablet!

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