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We provide various services that ensure your employees become fitter. Mentally and physically. This will ensure that your organisation as a whole remains fighting fit.

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Sustainable employability

Every organisation has to deal with the consequences of dejuvenation and ageing. Employees full of vitality keep your organisation successful. This is exactly where we come in: we ensure greater energy management, remedy physical complaints and increase mental resilience.

Integral vitality policy

Sustainable employability is complicated and in order to arrive at a successful integral vitality policy, vision and decisiveness are necessary. After analysing a business case and the absentee figures, we calculate the Return on Health. Together we compile a vitality policy with KPIs that correspond with your strategy and branding.

Reduce absenteeism

Every organisation has to deal with absenteeism. The causes of this can vary greatly, but the solution is the same: invest in your people. Equip yourself with tools that promote personal vitality, because greater energy changes the day today, and your life tomorrow. Less absenteeism, more motivated teams.