Rogier van Hoorn and Sander de Casparis were two physiotherapy students who set up a company together. Let’s take a quick look back to how it started. In 1997 we started up Van Hoorn & De Casparis Physiotherapy. SNS was our first chair massage client. Kempen & Co followed, as did many stockbroker firms. We developed our own chair massage called KATA based on our knowledge of physiotherapy and started up an in-house company physiotherapy unit at ABN AMRO. Over the years we noticed that client requirements went beyond chair massages and physiotherapy. This was why we started up H&C Health Promotion BV in 2002, with 35 employees. Our client portfolio has grown and includes ANWB, Delta Lloyd, DAS and Aon.

After 15 years it turned out that even our regular clients had difficulty remembering the name H&C Health Promotion, which was one of the reasons why we decided to simplify our name to HC Health in 2014. As well as a new name, we also opted for a new logo and a contemporary house style that better conveys what we represent as a business. The colour orange is warm, personal and energetic. The circle represents connection, and last but not least, the plus in the logo means: exceed the customer’s expectations.



Today every organisation faces multiple challenges. Ageing staff, dejuvenation and markets that are moving faster than ever. That’s why it is all the more important to motivate your people and know how to hold on to them. And to create an environment with dedicated, energetic employees. This is exactly how we help your organisation.

HC Health helps your people better manage their energy by strengthening them physically, mentally and emotionally. This can be through coaching, workplace advice or company physiotherapy. We examine your specific challenges as an organisation. We then put together a plan for how we will realise this, how we go from individual movement to collective vitality. Because the way to sustainable organisational success is to have employees that are more motivated and energetic as they are less likely to be absent, enjoy their work more and perform better. We call this ‘organisations in top form’.


With our 70 employees across thirty five locations we have helped employees of various organisations such as Delta Lloyd, ABN AMRO, ANWB, KLM, Aon and UWV.
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In order to continue developing our service, we work with progressive partners and research institutions.