Improving your health at home!

The majority of the population will be working from home during the coming weeks because of the Coronavirus. A drastic measure that has consequences for your workspace and health. 

On this page you will find important information that will help you work from home in a healthy way.


A healthy workspace

Do you work from home because of the Coronavirus? Then make sure you maintain a healthy working posture. HelloWorkspace helps you create a comfortabele workspace and gives you advice about a healthy working posture. Visit the website for important information.

Do you need assistance? Experienced physiotherapists are ready to give you a online workspace consultation!

Working from home with children

In these times of Corona, we are all housebound. Whether it concerns caring for our children, our work or our daily activities, it all has to be done from home. This situation presents many challenges. 

Fortunately, with the tips below you can still make it a productive period.

Exercising improves energy

We all know that exercise contributes to your health and resistance. It is therefore important that you will keep on moving,  especially now that everyone spends most of their time at home. 

On this page we will explain you how to stay healthy by excercising . We will give you a number of workouts that can be performed at home easily. Furthermore, we shall give you advice about exercising under these circumstances.

Relax effectively, even when you work from home

Relaxation is necessary to perform optimally, even from home. Therefore, allow yourself periods of rest after an activity. Work and relaxation can be combined well!

For the enthusiasts among us, we have compiled a list of 6 effective relaxation exercises.

Increase your resistance

A good resistance helps you deal better with the consequences of the Corona virus. In addition, it helps to prevent contamination. On this page you will find more information about the factors that determine your resistance. For example, a good night sleep plays an important part. A healthy and varied diet also helps to increase your resistance.

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