With 21 years of experience, HelloPhysio offers an effective way of physiotherapy. Because we can keep in touch with you both online and physically, we are able to monitor accurately, make quick adjustments and give advice over longer periods.

Do you have minor physical complaints? The HelloPhysio self-help module consists of information about more than 120 disorders. Here you will find causes, tips for prevention and instructional videos so that you can work independently on recovery. Do your complaints persist? Depending on the agreements with your employer, our physiotherapists are available by telephone, webcam or at the office. Whether the agreements are reimbursed for you depends on the agreements with your employer.

How does remote physiotherapy work?

When guidance is desired, our certified occupational physiotherapists are ready for a remote intake. This can be done by telephone or via webcam. During this intake, we find out the cause of your complaint and a personal plan is drawn up using a mobile application. This way you can get started with physical recovery under a watchful eye. An online process may not offer a solution to your complaint. In this case, we refer you to the physiotherapist for a physical treatment.

HC Health

HC Health is the full-service vitality agency of the working Netherlands. Our digital stepped care service supports many large organizations in the Netherlands in effectively setting up and implementing a customized vitality policy. This policy offers targeted solutions to common vitality problems at different levels, namely organization, manager and employee. By creating healthy working habits, we contribute to reducing absenteeism and vitalizing your employees.

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We have been making a difference for more than 20 years by providing effective services to employees at ABN, KLM, NN and CSU, among others.

Our approach

Inspiring and personal. Start with our online self help module. Need help? Our coaches are always there for you.


Preventing absenteeism is important, but we are mainly here to help you create a physically healthy body.

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